Scale Your Solar Business On Autopilot With Qualified Appointments, Guaranteed

A completely done for you marketing solution that generates, nurtures, qualifies & sets appointments on your reps calendars. You will receive 25+ qualified appointments in your first 3 months, guaranteed! Click the button below to claim your city.

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If You’re a Business Owner, You Know Driving New & Consistent Business Is Hard.

AutoScale Makes This Simple With Our 3 Step Proprietary System
Step 1

Pack your pipeline full of high quality leads with a local social media campaign.

The days of relying on unmotivated and low energy sales reps to knock on doors in order to generate new business is long gone. Why allow your reps to waste dozens of hours every week door knocking to find potential prospects when we can skip the prospecting and put them directly in front of highly motivated prospects that are 100% exclusive to your business. 

We do this by running hyper targeted social media ads to your target demographic in your exclusive local market. We handle the content curation, the copywriting and setup/manage all the campaigns - you just sit back and watch them come in.

Step 2

Automate Your Nurture & Follow Up Processes so Your Reps Can Focus 100% on ROI Generating activity. 

We’re on top of follow up, so you don’t have to be. Using automated SMS chat and email flows, we make sure we’re reengaging customers at the best possible times for you, to maximize leads that may have forgotten about your service or just needed some time before pulling the trigger. We nurture leads for up to 12 months to ensure we get you the most out of the pipeline. 

Furthermore, we send automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows & generate reviews/referrals for your business after the work has been completed and the client is satisfied. 

Step 3

Have Our Live Sales Assistants Pre-Qualify All New Leads & Book Them On Your Reps Calendars 

We don’t just generate your leads and book them on your calendar, we qualify them too. All you have to do is show up and close. 

Our mission is to save you as much time & money as possible, which is why we take on the burden ourselves and have our own live sales assistants call all potential prospects for you, ask them pre-qualifying questions to vet them and will only schedule them on your reps calendars if they meet the required qualifications - freeing up your reps time to generate even more business for themselves and the company.

Your Sales PRocess, made simple! Premium Features

Area Exclusivity

When you choose Autoscale, we choose you. You will be the only client we take on in your area, so you never have to worry about competing with anyone else for the same leads.

Email, Phone & SMS Automations

Pre-built email/sms campaigns that are set up and integrated for you to properly nurture all prospects until they turn into appointments.

Custom CRM

Track prospects, Manage campaigns, Set tasks for employees, calculate potential earnings, automate client onboarding and so much more with our easy to use, custom built CRM.

Live Sales Reps

Allow our team of live reps to call prospects for you, up to 8x, to qualify them and get them booked for an appointment on your reps calendar.

Laptop Icon

Lead Generation

Done for you marketing where we design the ad creatives, write the ad copy & then setup/manage the marketing campaigns to generate new prospects around the clock.

Lead Revival

Bring dead leads from other sources back to life with our reactivation campaign that will follow up and nutures them until we turn dust into dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any guarantee this will work for me?

The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with us and see, however we know our system works. When you show up, follow our process, and ask questions when they arise, we guarantee you generate at least 5 qualified appointments within your first month with us or your money back.. 

What Happens if I wait?

We can only work with a limited number of agents due to us providing area exclusivity for our clients, we can’t guarantee we will be able to work with you if you wait. The safest option is to get started today and schedule a complimentary growth consultation with our team.

What Is the price?

 To be honest we want to speak with you and learn about your business before we dive into the details, We work with real estate agents at various points in their business and are confident we can generate results for you no matter your current circumstance, however our service is invite only and we only want to work with those who we have already spoken with and gotten to know.

We already use a CRM, is this an issue?

Our CRM platform is a crucial component of how we operate. However, we integrate with most mainstream CRM’s using Zapier, if needed.

Solar Businesses All Over The Country Are Switching To AutoScale, Will You Be Next?

AutoScale is more than just a marketing agency. We partner with you to generate, qualify, nurture and set appointments with leads, allowing you to focus 100% on sales, fulfillment and the customer experience. The Industry is changing - businesses must grow and adapt or allow those that innovate to surpass them, which will you be?

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